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::frequency asked questions

  • What compilers do you use?
    Now we compile with:
    - Delphi 6.0
    dcc32.exe -cc -Q -DONLINE_JUDGE %1
    - MSVS 7.1 (C/C++)
    cl /F16777216 /EHsc /O2 /DONLINE_JUDGE %1
    - GNU C (Cygwin)
    gcc %1 -fno-asm -Wall -lm -O2 -s -DONLINE_JUDGE
    - GNU CPP (Cygwin)
    g++ %1 -fno-asm -Wall -lm -O2 -s -DONLINE_JUDGE
    - Java 1. 5 (Command line: java.exe -Xss32m -DONLINE_JUDGE=1 Solution)

  • How can my program determine that it is running at Online Contester?
    There is a conditional define of compiler called ONLINE_JUDGE.
    Example of using:

    #ifdef ONLINE_JUDGE
    printf("Running at Online Contester");

    writeln('Running at Online Contester');

  • What input and output do you use?
    We use standard input and output only.
  • How can I use Virtual Contest System?
    First. You must define contest (use define contest form).
    Second. Solve and enjoy at time you have chosen.
    Third. You can delete your contest (use defined contests form).
    Fourth. You cannot define past start-time contest. You cannot define contest if it crosses with your other defined or online contests.
    Fifth. All your results will be added to Status and Ranklist but only for a week.
    Sixth. If you define one contest twice then all your results will be deleted automatically.
  • How do you build standing?
    For building standing (problemset contest) we use such rules:
    - we order teams by solved problems;
    - if two or more teams have similar solved problems then we order them by last accepted submit date-time.
    For building online monitor we use standart ACM rules.
  • Who are the authors of Online Contester?
    Two members of Saratov SU#3:
    - Michael R. Mirzayanov;
    - Andrew V. Lazarev.

    Special thanks to
    - Philippe Detournay and Raphael Seegmuller who create Java IRC Client
    - Roman V. Alekseenkov who create Snail IRC Server

    Many other people did much to help us. Thanks for their help.
    Some information will be posted later.
    You can contact us

  • What computer do you use for judge?
    We do not specify computer we use, but all time-limits are given for Pentium III 666Mhz processor.
  • How to write A + B problem on Java?
    import java.util.*;
    public class Solution 
      public static void main (String[] argv) throws IOException
        BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    	StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(in.readLine());
        int a = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken());
        int b = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken());
        int c = a + b;

  • How to write A+B on C#?
    using System;
    class Solution
        static void Main()
            string[] numbers = Console.ReadLine().Split(' ');
            Console.WriteLine(int.Parse(numbers[0]) + int.Parse(numbers[1]));

  • What is maximal source size?
    Maximal source size is 512 kb.

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22.10.12 - The problems from the Southern Subregional Programming Contest 2012 added to the problemset archive (542 - 553).
22.10.12 - After the start of the contest the statements in PDF will be available by the link.
23.10.11 - The problems from the Southern Subregional Programming Contest 2011 added to the problemset archive (530 - 541).


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