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::personal information

ID: 051466

Name: Andres

E-Mail: Not available

Country: CO

Full Name: Andres Sarmiento Tobon

Study Place: National University of Colombia

Birthday: 1991-11-27

Information: I would like to compete here in order to prepare myself to the ACM-ICPC world contest. And I also like to learn how to make good algorithms, I mean faster and cheaper algorithms. Finally, I think all the preparation achieved in all that places will make easier to me to find a very good job as a developer.

Statistic: Submitted: 0; Accepted: 0

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22.10.12 - The problems from the Southern Subregional Programming Contest 2012 added to the problemset archive (542 - 553).
22.10.12 - After the start of the contest the statements in PDF will be available by the link.
23.10.11 - The problems from the Southern Subregional Programming Contest 2011 added to the problemset archive (530 - 541).


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